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American Standard Version

Romans Chapter 1
1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called [to be] an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

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    Robert's Word Pictures of the New Testament

    Romans Chapter 1

    {To the Romans} pros R“maious. This is the title in Aleph A B C, our oldest Greek MSS. for the Epistle. We do not know whether Paul gave any title at all. Later MSS. add other words up to the Textus Receptus: The Epistle of Paul to the Romans. The Epistle is put first in the MSS. because it is the most important of Paul's Epistles.

    {Paul} Paulos. Roman name Paulus. See on Ac 13:9 for the origin of this name by the side of Saul. {Servant} doulos. Bond-slave of Jesus Christ (or Christ Jesus as some MSS. give it and as is the rule in the later Epistles) for the first time in the Epistles in the opening sentence, though the phrase already in Ga 1:10. Recurs in Php 1:1 and desmios (bondsman) in Phm 1:1. {Called to be an apostle} klˆtos apostolos. An apostle by vocation (Denney) as in 1Co 1:1. In Ga 1:1 klˆtos is not used, but the rest of the verse has the same idea. {Separated} aph“rismenos. Perfect passive participle of aphoriz“ for which verb see on Ga 1:15. Paul is a spiritual Pharisee (etymologically), separated not to the oral tradition, but to God's gospel, a chosen vessel (Ac 9:15). By man also (Ac 13:2). Many of Paul's characteristic words like euaggelion have been already discussed in the previous Epistles that will call for little comment from now on.

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