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Vine's Greek New Testment Dictionary

2 results found for HUMBLE Showing 1 through 2

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Result 1- Humble (Adjective and Verb)
A. Adjectives
  1. tapeinos
  2. tapeinophron
B. Verb
  1. tapeinoo

A1.     Humble (Adjective and Verb) [Adjective] tapeinos primarily signifies "low-lying." It is used always in a good sense in the NT, metaphorically, to denote
(a) "of low degree, brought low," Luke 1:52; Rom 12:16, AV, "(men) of low estate," RV, "(things that are) lowly" (i.e., of low degree); 2 Cor 7:6, AV, "cast down," RV, "lowly;" the preceding context shows that this occurrence belongs to A1(a); James 1:9, "of low degree;"
(b) humble in spirit, Matt 11:29; 2 Cor 10:1, RV, "lowly," AV "base;" James 4:6; 1 Pet 5:5. See BASE, CAST, DEGREE, LOWLY.

See also : tapeinos

A2.     Humble (Adjective and Verb) [Adjective] tapeinophron "humble-minded" (tapeinos (5011) and phren (5424), "the mind"), 1 Pet 3:8; see COURTEOUS.

See also : tapeinophron

B1.     Humble (Adjective and Verb) [Verb] tapeinoo akin to tapeinos, signifies "to make low,"
(a) literally, "of mountains and hills," Luke 3:5 (Passive Voice);
(b) metaphorically, in the Active Voice, Matt 18:4; Matt 23:12 (2nd part); Luke 14:11 (2nd part); Luke 18:14 (2nd part); 2 Cor 11:7 ("abasing"); 2 Cor 12:21; Php 2:8; in the Passive Voice, Matt 23:12 (1st part), RV, "shall be humbled," AV, "shall be abased;" Luke 14:11 (ditto); Luke 18:14 (ditto); Php 4:12, "to be abased;" in the Passive, with Middle voice sense, James 4:10, "humble yourselves;" 1 Pet 5:6 (ditto). See ABASE, tapeinoo under LOW (to bring).

See also : tapeinoo

Result 2- Humbleness of mind, Humility
tapeinophrosune "lowliness of mind" (tapeinos, see tapeinos under HUMBLE, and phren, "the mind"), is rendered "humility of mind" in Acts 20:19, AV (RV, "lowliness of mind"); in Eph 4:2, "lowliness;" in Php 2:3, "lowliness of mind;" in Col 2:18,23, of a false "humility;" in Col 3:12, AV, "humbleness of mind," RV, "humility;" 1 Pet 5:5, "humility." See LOWLINESS.

See also : tapeinophrosune

Click any letter to display an alphabetized index of Biblical terms:
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