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Vine's Greek New Testment Dictionary

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Result 1- Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping
A. Verbs
  1. proskuneo
  2. sebomai
  3. sebazomai
  4. latreuo
  5. eusebeo
B. Nouns
  1. sebasma
  2. ethelothreskeia[-ia]
  3. threskeia

A1.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Verb] proskuneo "to make obeisance, do reverence to" (from pros, "towards," and kuneo, "to kiss"), is the most frequent word rendered "to worship." It is used of an act of homage or reverence
(a) to God, e.g., Matt 4:10; John 4:21-24; 1 Cor 14:25; Rev 4:10; Rev 5:14; Rev 7:11; Rev 11:16; Rev 19:10 (2nd part); Rev 22:9;
(b) to Christ, e.g., Matt 2:2,8,11; Matt 8:2; Matt 9:18; Matt 14:33; Matt 15:25; Matt 20:20; Matt 28:9,17; John 9:38; Heb 1:6, in a quotation from the Sept. of Deut 32:43, referring to Christ's Second Advent;
(c) to a man, Matt 18:26;
(d) to the Dragon, by men, Rev 13:4;
(e) to the Beast, his human instrument, Rev 13:4,8,12; Rev 14:9,11;
(f) the image of the Beast, Rev 13:15; Rev 14:11; Rev 16:2;
(g) to demons, Rev 9:20;
(h) to idols, Acts 7:43.

Note: As to Matt 18:26, this is mentioned as follows, in the "List of readings and renderings preferred by the American Committee" (see RV Classes of Passages, IV): "At the word 'worship' in Matt 2:2, etc., add the marginal note 'The Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid to man (see chap. Matt 18:26) or to God (see chap. Matt 4:10)'." The Note to John 9:38 in the American Standard Version in this connection is most unsound; it implies that Christ was a creature. J. N. Darby renders the verb "do homage" [see the Revised Preface to the Second Edition (1871) of his New Translation].

A2.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Verb] sebomai "to revere," stressing the feeling of awe or devotion, is used of "worship"
(a) to God, Matt 15:9; Mark 7:7; Acts 16:14; Acts 18:7,13;
(b) to a goddess, Acts 19:27. See sebomai under DEVOUT.

See also : sebomai

A3.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Verb] sebazomai akin to sebomai, "to honor religiously," is used in Rom 1:25.

A4.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Verb] latreuo "to serve, to render religious service or homage," is translated "to worship" in Php 3:3, "(who) worship (by the Spirit of God)," RV, AV, "(which) worship (God in the spirit);" the RV renders it "to serve" (for AV, "to worship") in Acts 7:42; Acts 24:14; AV and RV, "(the) worshipers" in Heb 10:2, present participle, lit., "(the ones) worshiping." See SERVE.

See also : latreuo

A5.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Verb] eusebeo "to act piously towards," is translated "ye worship" in Acts 17:23. See eusebeo under PIETY (to show).

(1) The worship of God is nowhere defined in Scripture. A consideration of the above verbs shows that it is not confined to praise; broadly it may be regarded as the direct acknowledgement to God, of His nature, attributes, ways and claims, whether by the outgoing of the heart in praise and thanksgiving or by deed done in such acknowledgment.
(2) In Acts 17:25 therapeuo, "to serve, do service to" (so RV), is rendered "is worshiped." See CURE, HEAL.

See also : eusebeo

B1.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Noun] sebasma denotes "an object of worship" (akin to sebazomai); Acts 17:23 (see DEVOTION); in 2 Thess 2:4, "that is worshiped;" every object of "worship," whether the true God or pagan idols, will come under the ban of the Man of Sin.

B2.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Noun] ethelothreskeia[-ia] "will-worship" (ethelo, "to will," threskeia, "worship"), occurs in Col 2:23, voluntarily adopted "worship," whether unbidden or forbidden, not that which is imposed by others, but which one affects.

B3.     Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping [Noun] threskeia for which see RELIGION, is translated "worshiping" in Col 2:18.

Note: In Luke 14:10, AV, doxa, "glory" (RV), is translated "worship."

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