History of Gospel Preaching in New Brunswick - 11 - Other

 Chapter 11

The following is not entirely New Brunswick?s history, I thought it was important to print it as maybe the facts about Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island would be of benefit to the Christians in those provinces.

The following account was given to me by Carolyn MacNeil Allen, a granddaughter of W. N. Brennan who wrote it in the late 1930's.


The "Brethren Movement" in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada.

About the year 1884, Mr. Samuel Wallace from Ireland, was working in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, during the week, and on Lord?s day, he walked six miles to Port Howe, to preach the Gospel in the School house, at 12 o?clock noon. The people said he was a strange looking man, preached a strange doctrine, at a strange hour. However, God blessed the Word spoken, and some were saved.


The following winter, Mr. John Knox McEwen (now of Exeter, England) came from Ontario, to preach the Gospel in Nova Scotia; he arrived at Amherst, and from there was driven twelve miles in a snow storm, to where Mr. Wallace was staying at the time. They preached to individuals, in homes, or in Halls, meeting with much opposition, but God blessed His Word to the salvation of sinners. Mr. McEwen laboured for sometime alone, but God sent him a number of helpers from time to time including brethren George and Allen Simpson of Galt, Ontario, (both now with the Lord) also Mr. John Mitchell, (now labouring in Spain).

Then Mr. Samuel Johnson from England, but he did not remain long.


About that time Mr. Andrew Lennox from Ireland came to Nova Scotia but remained only a short time. Then Mr. John Martin came from Ontario, to New Brunswick and on account of his health, located on a farm in New Scotland. Other Christians from different parts, settled there also, and an assembly was formed.


During the summer season Mr. Martin paid occasional visits to other Assemblies. A number of years passed, and most of those who formed the Assemblies already referred to, had either gone to be with the Lord, or moved to other parts. Things spiritually were at a very low ebb, the only Assembly remaining was at Port Howe.


Mr. John Grimason came in the spring of 1886, and joined Mr. McEwen. They preached in several places, both in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and were opposed everywhere by religious leaders, but God worked, and sinners were saved, and taught the truth of believer?s baptism, gathering unto the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in separation from the world, and kindred truths. An Assembly was planted at Port Howe, Nova Scotia and a Gospel Hall was built, and opened on Lord?s day, August 1st, 1886, through the efforts of Mr. McEwen, who has ever since maintained a deep interest in the Lord?s work in Nova Scotia, in every way... Assemblies were also planted at Doherty Creek (now Pugwash Junction), Nova Scotia, Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia, also at Tidnish Bridge, and Bayside, in New Brunswick.


About the year 1900 two families of Christians came from an Assembly in Scotland to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. As there was no Assembly they began remembering the Lord, in one of their homes, and although they all moved away to western Canada, God in His grace, has maintained a testimony there until the present.


For some time, God had been exercising Mr. David R. Scott, then living in Ireland, about the need in Nova Scotia, and he came along with his wife and family in October 1902. He had several weeks? meetings at Port Howe, when a number were saved, and added to the Assembly. From there he went to Pugwash Junction, and preached for several weeks, and God reached a number of sinners there also. These "newborn babes" with the few who remained of the former Assembly, were gathered together, and the breaking of bread was resumed.


Mr. Scott remained in Nova Scotia until 1909, but on account of his health was obliged to remove to Western Canada. A large Gospel Hall has been erected at Pugwash Junction, where a Conference is held every year.


About this time, Mr. Ansley Goodwin of Tidnish Bridge, New Brunswick became exercised about the Lord?s work, left his employment and joined Mr. Scott in preaching the Gospel in the three Maritime Provinces. Although he is now in his 84th year, he is still able to continue in the work.


In March 1907, the writer left his business in Truro, Nova Scotia to devote all his time to the Lord?s work, yoked up first with Mr. Scott, then with Mr. Goodwin and several others of the Lord?s servants, preaching in out-of-the-way places in these Provinces, and Newfoundland.


In 1909 a number of coal miners came from Assemblies in Scotland and formed an Assembly in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and God has been adding to it since.


Through the preaching of Mr. W. J. McClure, Mr. J. T. Dickson, Mr. Goodwin and others, a number were saved in the city of Sydney, Cape Breton, and an Assembly was formed there in February, 1927, and God has been pleased to add others to it from time to time.


Mr. Robert McCrory and Mr. J. T. Dickson came along in July, 1910, and remained for some time, preaching in Tents and Halls in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Sinners were saved and led on in the ways that be in Christ.


In June 1914, Mr. Robert B. Milnes from Barrie, Ontario, came to join the writer in Gospel work in these Provinces. We laboured together almost continually until the Lord took him Home in October 1928. We had our tent two seasons in the city of Moncton, New Brunswick and had the joy of seeing an Assembly planted there in 1919, and a number have been added to it since.


During the intervening years, our brethren Mr. Hugh Thorpe, J. T. Dickson, James McCullough and J. W. Glasgow have spent several summer seasons in Nova Scotia, preaching the Gospel in tents and God has added His blessing to saints and sinners.


Mr. Isaac McMullen came to New Brunswick in 1921, and located in the city of Moncton. Through his preaching and others, an Assembly was planted at Bryants Corner in that Province.


In 1937, Mr. James McCullough and Thomas McKelvey preached in a Tent one summer in Debert, Nova Scotia with the result that an Assembly was planted there, and a splendid Hall built the following year, through the efforts of Mr. McCullough.


Mr. L. K. McIlwaine came from Ireland in April 1930 to labour in Nova Scotia , and has opened up several places where the simple Gospel had never been preached before. Through his efforts, and also help from other servants of the Lord, two Assemblies have been planted in Lunenburg County, one at West Clifford, the other at Nineveh.


In July, 1933, Mr. Russell Harris came from Ontario to preach the Gospel, on Prince Edward Island, his brother Herbert Harris and Mr. Albert Joyce came in June 1934 to assist him, and as a result of their labours, a number were saved, and a fine Gospel Hall erected at Crapaud. An Assembly was planted in autumn of that year, the first one in that Province. During the summer of 1936, through the preaching of above mentioned brethren, and Mr. R.



McCracken from Cleveland, Ohio, several others were saved at North River. A second Hall has been built there and an Assembly planted.


W. N. Brennan