Louis Brant Biography, Iowa Evangelist - Acknowledgements

The Life and Labors of Louis &Amanda Brandt
Amanda Matt & Louis Brandt
Married November 23, 1910


It has been my desire for several years to write the story of Louis and Amanda Brandt and the lives that they lived for the Lord and His people. It is now twenty years since Louis was called home to glory, and I have just fulfilled this desire, which I could not have done without the writings of others on which I relied for information.

These writings include:

"From A Cattle Tent to A Gospel Tent"
by Val Brandt

"The Descendants of Herman Henry and
Margaret Anna Meyer Brandt"
by Harold and Ruth Brandt

"Golden Lamp-stands of Northern Iowa"
by Leonard DeBuhr

"The Formation and Growth of the Garnavillo Assembly"
by Vein Wirkier

"A Man Called Oliver"
by Steve Walvatne and Dave Reiss

I'm also indebted to my daughter, Susan Cairns, my sister, Lois Asche, and my brother, Larry Brandt, for the time they spent m proofreading. And to my husband, William, I give my sincere thanks for his encouragement to keep researching and writing. I trust all who read this story will derive some spiritual benefit and be motivated to follow the faith of this godly couple.


The loving couple whose story I have written were my paternal grandparents. I am the oldest grandchild and had the privilege of being born and raised in the community of Garnavillo, Iowa, where my grandparents lived their entire lives. Their home was only a few blocks from our home and across the street from the school I attended. It always had an open door for visits at any time.

My second name is the same as my grandmother's, and although Amanda was certainly not my favorite name while growing up, I came to appreciate in later years the honor it was to be the namesake of such a godly woman.

My grandfather and I shared the same scriptures that were used to reach our lost souls. Thirty years after he found peace and assurance through the words of the Savior as He spoke to the nobleman regarding his son in John 4, I, too, rested on God's Word, knowing that I could put my trust m His finished work at Calvary.

My grandparents lived long and useful lives for the Lord and in service to His people. When the end of the journey came for my grandfather in May 1980, I was the only grandchild not present at his funeral service. This was one of the most difficult days of my life, as I wanted so much to be there with the family. However, it was not possible for me to travel the 600 miles to Iowa, as my daughter was born five days later.

Having listened to the tape on which my grandparents told their conversions and having read the diaries that my grandfather kept from 1945-1979, I have come to have a deeper appreciation of the lives they lived devoted entirely to the Lord and the saints of God. And like one of old, I can say in the words of scripture, "The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places: yea, I have a goodly heritage." Psalm 16:6

Ruth Brandt Cairns