Louis Brant Biography, Iowa Evangelist - Preaching


While still engaged in farming, Louis held gospel meetings from time to time with various servants of the Lord. In 1933 he and Mr. Elgie (Buzz) Jamison had a gospel effort in the opera house at Millville. One precious soul was saved at that time. Mrs. Charles Troester had heard brother Oliver preaching in a school house 15 years previously and from then on had a desire to be saved. During those gospel meetings in Miliville they went to Graham to invite the people to come to the meetings. A lady there pointed to an unused church building and said, "Why don't you come and have meetings in this little church?"

Louis never forgot the suggestion of the lady in Graham who mentioned that they should come preach in the unused church building. In 1935 he and Mr. Jamison took the gospel to that area. After two weeks Mr. Jamison was called home due to the illness of his wife, so Mr. W. W. White joined Louis and they continued for four more weeks preaching the gospel. A brother by the name of Mr. Archie Smith lived in that area and he had a truck with a stock rack on it and he would go around the area picking up people and take them to the meetings. Sometimes he had as many as 30 people in it. Souls were awakened to their need of salvation, but Louis had to close the meetings at the end of ( six weeks as he was needed back on the farm. In the fall of that same year he went back to Graham and took Oliver Smith with him. God came in and worked and about 25 souls professed to be saved. These were a very poor people and although many were baptized and received into the fellowship of the Garnavillo assembly, they often didn't get to meetings, as they had no means of transportation to get there.

Not only did God bless in the salvation of others, but also Louis and Amanda had the joy of seeing three of their children saved in a month's time during November-December 1933. They were Robert, age 19, Lloyd, age 13, and Alice, age 10.

With three sons at home to help with the work on the farm until Val started the Garnavillo Mill in 1936, Louis had meetings from time to time in country school houses in the area around Garnavillo and the Lord blessed in salvation. Two of the schools in which he preached, along with Oliver Smith, were the Wayman and Studebaker schools near Osterdock.

During the winter of 1938 Mr. Lorne MeBain had a series of gospel meetings in Beetown, Wisconsin, across the Mississippi River from Gamavillo. He closed on March 13th, and at the invitation of Louis, he came to Garnavillo on his first visit to meet the Christians there. His intention was to have a night or two of ministry meetings and return home to Jackson, Michigan, but Amanda encouraged him to stay for gospel meetings and not leave after a couple of nights. She was deeply burdened about her oldest son, Val, and his bride of two months, Ivy Cocking, who were not saved.

Although Val and Ivy did attend some of those gospel meetings held by Mr. McBain, they showed little or no interest. However, God had his eye on others in the community and there was a great stir when many from the Lutheran church started attending the meetings and were reached and saved. Most of these had previously been bitter enemies of the gospel, and among them were the Kregel, Kaiser, Wirkler and Wahls families. It was at this time that Henry and Gladys Wahls were saved. In his later years, Henry was commended to the work of the Lord and shared many gospel series with Louis in the area around Garnavillo. About 30 souls were saved in 1938 and many were added to the assembly in Garnavillo.

In 1940 Robert married Helen Baum and they continued farming at Sunny View Farm. It was at that time that Louis and Amanda built a new home in Garnavillo and moved into town. This gave Louis more time for gospel work in the surrounding communities.

Louis joined brother Samuel Hamilton in 1941 in preaching the gospel in Volga City. There were three souls saved there at that time, among them Freda Adams. She opened her home for the preaching of the gospel and for many years brethren from the Garnavillo assembly would hold a gospel meeting in her home each Sunday evening.

On November 19, 1942, Lloyd left for the Army to serve his country during World War II. It was on that date that Val was reached and saved. Two weeks later Ivy trusted Christ as her Saviour. Mr. Herbert Dobson and Mr. Lorne McBain were holding gospel meetings in Garnavillo at that time.

When Oliver Smith and Lorne McBain had a gospel meeting in Garnavillo on March 13, 1944, Helene found peace and rest in Christ as her Saviour. Now the family circle was complete in Christ. Louis' family was a credit to the gospel that he preached and often supported his meetings in the surrounding communities. Many times his three sons shared in the preaching, when time and opportunity permitted, especially as the work progressed in the Volga & West Union areas.