Louis Brant Biography, Iowa Evangelist - 1970 s


Henry Wahls with Louis at his last series of gospel meetings.

During the first half of the last decade of Louis' life, although into his mid-eighties, he continued to faithfully proclaim the gospel message. Former fields of labor in northeastern Iowa and southwestern Wisconsin continued to be visited by the octogenarian, along with Henry Wahls, who was his preaching companion for many years. Series of gospel meetings were held in the Iowa communities of West Union, Fayette, Elgin, Waukon, and Manchester with lost souls won for the Saviour. Crossing over the Mississippi River into Wisconsin, the Word was proclaimed in Prairie du Chien, Beetown, Wauzeka, Lynxville, Ontario, Soldiers Grove, Boaz, and Patch Grove, and many in these communities are thankful that these two Iowa farmers came to their area to tell them God's way of salvation. The fruits of their labors continue until this day.

The little assembly in Grandview, Iowa, was visited from time to time by our brother during the closing days of his ministry and was much appreciated by the saints there.
Even during the last few years of his life, Louis held at least one series of gospel meetings through the year 1978. In the spring of that year he faithfully preached the gospel for five and one-half weeks in the assembly at West Union that he had seen formed 30 years previously. Henry Wahls shared these meetings with him and the Lord was pleased to bless in the salvation of many precious souls.

Louis' final gospel effort, at age 92, was held the summer of 1978, when he had his last tent meetings on the Bruce Finn farm, near Patch Grove, Wisconsin. He and Henry faithfully sounded forth the Word of the gospel for nearly four weeks.

Thanksgiving Day 1978 fell on November 23rd, Louis and Amanda's 68th wedding anniversary. At the annual all day meeting held in the Garnavillo Gospel Hall, Louis ministered to the saints of God for the last time. The next week he went into the hospital for cancer surgery and from then on his health deteriorated so he was not able to publicly
proclaim the Word any longer. However, the Lord gave him one more opportunity to stand on the platform of the Garnavillo Gospel Hall on the Sunday evening of February 25, 1979, and he told for the last time the story he loved to tell of how God reached and saved his precious soul. This was just two weeks prior to his 57th spiritual birthday on March 12, 1979.

As the public ministry of a much loved servant of the Lord was coming to a close, many of the Lord's dear people could testify to witnessing a life that was lived for the Lord and the welfare of His people. Along with his helpmeet of nearly 70 years, Louis ministered to the practical needs of many of the saints of God and their works still follow them even until this day.

No physical task was too menial for Louis to perform for one of the Lord's own. Whether it was carpentry work, painting, cleaning, or just lending a helping hand where needed, he was available. Amanda, too, was often sewing, quilting, knitting, washing clothes, and preparing food for many of the Lord's dear people. They gave liberally of their means as well as their time for the service of the people of God. For many, many years they paid for the subscriptions of "Truth and Tidings" and "Words in Season" magazines for 20-25 of the Christians in various areas.

Louis and Amanda didn't spend much time away from their field of labor, but from time to time they would visit their children, Lloyd and Lois Brandt, and Grant and Helene Zedicher in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Doug and Alice Gould, in Chicago, Illinois, and their families. And they always willingly assisted them with any tasks that needed to be done. Not only did Louis and Amanda visit their family who lived away but their children and grandchildren often came back to Garnavillo. They were highly esteemed by their family. Many Louis Brandt family gatherings were held over the years and one and all had happy times of fellowship. And before the parting good-byes were said, Louis would have a word of prayer and then start to sing:

"How good is the God we adore, Our faithful, unchangeable Friend, Whose love is as great as His power, and knows neither measure nor end!"

"Tis Jesus, the First and the Last, Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home; We'll praise Him for all that is past, And trust Him for all that's to come."