Our Heritage - Plymouth Brethren History - Introduction


I think it is wise to have this booklet reprinted.

When it was first issued I felt happy to recommend it. Now, after six years, a re-printing has been called for, an encouraging sign of interest in God?s ways for His people.

The title ?Our Heritage' causes us to think of what ?our Fathers in the faith? discovered, believed, practiced, and left to succeeding generations.

Some of them paid a great price to carry out the truths thus learned from God?s Word, but while at times encountering opposition, and the severing of many cherished ties, they were fortified by a consciousness of God?s presence and help.

Amidst rapidly changing conditions, we are thankful that some, like the author of these articles, are desirous of unfolding to the present generation, the rich and important heritage given by God to His people.

May grace be given to the reader to check the contents of this booklet with the Bible, and having done so, to hold and practice the truth of God so that our private lives will be enriched, and our assembly testimony maintained in distinctive character, spiritual and separate from all the confusion of an evil day.