Childhood Leukemia Story - Jason - 17 - Until Then

Jason Story of Child LeukemiaUNTIL THEN

Jason would have liked his funeral. Hundreds came to say their good byes to a little boy who had touched them in an unforgettable way. Those who spoke at the funeral would have embarrassed him by speaking of him so highly. However, he would have been delighted to hear them speak so well of his Savior. Jason wanted his friends to hear the clear message of the gospel. Many people knew that Jason was a Christian and had seen tremendous faith in his life. But perhaps they never had heard the wonderful news that the Lord Jesus loved them and died to put their sins away and secure a place in heaven for them. In a clear and memorable manner, those who spoke at the funeral reminded the audience of these great truths and of their power in Jason’s life.
It was difficult to look into that angelic, boyish face for the last time. As I bent and kissed his now-cold nose my mind flashed back to the delivery room where I saw Jason Michael for the first time, then to a towheaded tot full of smiles and laughter as he carried his baby sister like a horse. Where had the years gone? How could we turn and walk away, leaving him?
In the days that followed, we found ourselves resenting the fact that life was moving on. The clocks kept ticking, the calendar pages turning, leaving us feeling like bystanders. We were seeing life happen but noticing little and feeling so alone and empty. How would we ever laugh or be happy again? Yet, how would Jason have wanted us to feel? Surely he would not want us to be continually sad. We made an effort to focus on the positive, the spiritual, and tried not to dwell on our loss.
Still, our world will never be the same. We are forever thankful to God for allowing Jason to touch our hearts. Through him we learned much about God’s sustaining grace, love and power. While he taught us a lot about dying, he taught us much more about living as we witnessed a peace that comes from trusting God completely.
Often we remember the words of II Samuel 12:23: “I shall go to him, but he shall not return unto me.”
Jason once told us, “God puts us here and gives us a job to do. When it is done he takes us home to heaven. God is going to bless me by taking me home early. Do what you are supposed to do, raise your family for God and I’ll see you when you get there (heaven).”