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Jason Story of Child LeukemiaUplook, May 1994
It was November 7, 1983 - a day seared into the memories of Martha and Wesley Vitale for life. The doctor was speaking about their 5-year-old son Jason. "It is leukemia." No one was going to rush in and say, "There's been a mistake, Jason will be fine in a few days." He really had cancer. What do you do as a parent at a time like this? Where do you go, to whom do you turn when life doesn't seem to make sense anymore? The story of Jason Vitale is not a story of tremendous sadness and defeat, but one of triumph experienced through complete trust in God. "Life is tough, but heaven is better."

Jim McKendrick, Uplook, May 1994
I have just read a most touching book of triumph from tragedy. Jason, My Child chronicles the shock of listening to a doctor telling Wes and Martha Vitale of Saugus, MA, that their five-year-old son has leukemia. Their seemingly ordered life is plunged into a swirl of shots, chemotherapy, hospitals, and expenses that bring exhaustive disarray to all aspects of life. Life in fiction books has a happy ending, but not in this real-life mystery. This is an honestly written book. It doesn't gloss over the trauma of the situation. But it does tell how friends prayed and cared. It does tell how God stilled hearts in the midst of the storm. It does tell how the faith of a little child triumphed over the fear of facing mountainous difficulties and finally death itself.

The book was published by Olive Press.

Martha Vitale lives in Saugus, Massachusetts with her husband and five children.

Martha Vitale