Biography - 30 - William Talbot Crosbie


Biography - 30 - William Talbot CrosbieNM. TALBOT CROSBIE, of Ardfert Abbey, was the third of the Kerry landlords whom the Revival of 1861 brought out so boldly for the Lord to serve Him in the Gospel, R. J. Mahony and F. C. Bland being the other two.
Born in 1817, Mr. Crosbie was brought to Christ as a very young man. After a long minority he entered upon the management of his large estate, and aided by his young wife, a sister of the late Lord Gwydyr, set to work to rearrange the farms and instruct the tenants. After a few years came the famine, but thanks to the measures Mr. Crosbie had taken in good time, the Ardfert Estate was saved.
In the midst of such labours as these, the mighty breath of the Holy Spirit, first felt in Ulster, began to be heard, and, at first, through unknown men and feeble instruments, the message of the Gospel came as glad tidings to many. Every part of Kerry was affected, though only as to the Protestant population. The homes of the three we have named became the centres of a Divine energy which spread itself in all directions. The meetings originated then in the granary at Ardfert continued without interruption for many years. Many and wonderful were the scenes of awakening there and in Tralee, under the ministry of J. Denham Smith, T. Shuidham Henry, and many others whom Mr. Crosbie brought to Kerry and accompanied in the work.