Wollen and Linen - Following the path of Christ - chapter 10 - Micaiah versus Jehoshaphat

Woollen and Linen

Micaiah versus Jehoshaphat
When the eye is single the whole body is full of light. There is consistency and harmony in the action when the moving principle is maintained single and unmixed.
Micaiah’s action in 2 Chronicles 18 was of such a nature, but Jehoshaphat’s body was then anything but “full of light”. In the hour when he left Micaiah to go to the prison of king Ahab while he himself accompanied that same king of Israel to the battle, who would have known him to be a saint of God?
Where was the body “full of light” then? It was the clouding and overcasting of all the illumination which he really partook of. There was no harmony, there was no pure and cloudless noonday marking the pathway of Jehoshaphat then; no making of “his calling and election sure”, as the apostle speaks.
It is happy to follow that dear man a stage farther, 2 Chronicles 20. For in the days of Ammon , Moab and Mount Seir , Jehoshaphat’s body is again “full of light”. He acts as a son of David ought to act; he seeks the Lord and the Lord only; and all is faith and victory and joy.
But when in the earlier day Micaiah was sent to the prison of Ahab and he himself went to the battle of Ahab, where was the son of David then? The whole body was full of darkness.