Wollen and Linen - Following the path of Christ - chapter 6 - Jehoshaphat

Woollen and Linen - J G Bellet

Jehoshaphat, king of Judah , of the house and lineage of David, was a separate man, but a man who at times, and that too pretty largely, is found in defiling connection. He was of Jacob’s generation, though it may be more faulty than Jacob in that generation. Vanity betrayed him again and again, as worldly policy betrayed the patriarch.
Jehoshaphat joined affinity with Ahab. In the day of the battle he put on the royal apparel, a garment sadly and shamefully of “divers sorts”; and it was near costing him his life, as the same clothing nearly cost Lot his life in the city of Sodom .
He acted there in terrible inconsistency with the sanctity and separateness of the house of David. But, though all this is so, I am not disposed to put Jehoshaphat in company with Lot . His life was not one of mixed principles; his garment was not advisedly wrought of “woollen and linen” together, though sadly and shamefully untrue to the testimony which became a son of David and a king in Jerusalem . Very noble deeds were done by his hands, and very dear affections were breathed by his spirit, and the God of his father owned him; but, like Jacob, and to a more painful extent, he was betrayed; he was betrayed into connections which make his testimony a very mixed, imperfect thing.
It was not merely nature prevailing at times – that may be seen in all, in those of the best generation, in Abraham, and in David.
It was not merely a soiled garment whose blot is palpable, but a garment the texture of which is scarcely discernible, whether indeed it be of one sort or a condemned garment of “woollen and linen”; so shamefully do the “divers sorts” appear in it at times, but not throughout.