Wollen and Linen - Following the path of Christ - Chapter 3 - Lot

Woollen and Linen - J G Bellet

Lot was associated with the call of God. Like Abram, his uncle, he left Mesopotamia , and then after the death of Terah, his grandfather, he came with Abram into Canaan , and he was a righteous man, there was no palpable blot upon him.
Abram betrayed the way of nature, again and again recovering himself, with shame too, from the snare of Egypt and of Abimelech. But Lot was not so rebuked all the time he sojourned in Sodom . We only read of him that his righteous soul was vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked. But withal, he was sadly of the generation I am now speaking of.
If Abram’s garment was soiled now and again it was not “a garment of divers sorts”, but Lot ’s garment was “woollen and linen”. He was untrue to the call of God; he became a citizen when he ought to have been only a sojourner, choosing well-watered plains and taking a house in a city, when God’s witness was going over the face of the country from tent to tent, and from one tabernacle to another.
Fewer mistakes are recorded of him; but what then? He was a man of mixed principles all his days, while Abraham all his days was true to the call of God. And his life of false principles leads him into sorrows that are his shame, and that is the real misery of sorrow. He was taken captive while he lived in the plains of Sodom , and was nigh unto destruction after he had removed to the city of Sodom ; and he is still, and ever has been in the church, the witness of one, saved it is true, but “so as by fire”.
He had no comfort in his soul; his righteous soul was vexed day by day. This is told of him, but no brightness is there: no joy, no strength, no triumph of spirit is told of him. The angels held much reserve towards him, while the Lord of angels was in nearness and intimacy with Abraham.
He had to escape with his life as a prey when Abraham was on high beholding the judgment afar off. And, what is full of meaning, we observe that after he had taken his own course and become a man of mixed principles, departing from the track where the call of God would have kept him, he and Abraham had no communion.
Abraham will run to his help in the day when his principles were bringing him into jeopardy; but there is no communion between them. They could not meet in spirit. The saint of God will own him as his kinsman, and do him the kinsman’s service; but there is no present communion between them. And this is no uncommon case to this day.
Such was Lot . Instead of making his calling and election sure, he is one whom the people of God receive on the extraordinary testimony of the Holy Ghost, rather than on the necessary and blessed credit of his assured call of God, or as one of that people of whom Paul could say, “Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God”.