Bible Verses About Altar_of_Incense

Altar of Incense.
    Dimensions, &c of  Ex 30:1,2; 37:25
    Covered with Gold  Ex 30:3; 37:26
    Top of, surrounded with a crown of gold  Ex 30:3; 37:26
    Had four rings of gold under the crown for the staves  Ex 30:4; 37:27
    Staves of, covered with gold  Ex 30:5
    Called the golden altar  Ex 39:38
    Placed before the vail in the outer sanctuary  Ex 30:6; 40:5,26
    Said to be before the Lord  Le 4:7; 1Ki 9:25
    Anointed with holy oil  Ex 30:26,27
    The priest burned incense on every morning and evening  Ex 30:7,8
    No strange incense nor any sacrifice to be offered on  Ex 30:9
    Atonement made for, by the high priest once every year  Ex 30:10; Le 16:18,19
    The blood of all sin offerings put on the horns of  Le 4:7,18
    Punishment for
      Offering strange fire on.  Le 10:1,2
      Unauthorised offering on.  2Ch 26:16-19
    Covered by the priest before removal from the sanctuary  Nu 4:11
    A type of Christ  Re 8:3; 9:3