Bible Verses About Amalekites_The

Amalekites, The.
    Descent of  Ge 36:12,16
    Character of
      Wicked.  1Sa 15:18
      Oppressive.  Jdj 10:12
      Warlike and Cruel.  1Sa 15:33
    Governed by Kings  1Sa 15:20,32
    A powerful and influential nation  Nu 24:7
    Possessed cities  1Sa 15:5
    COUNTRY of
      In the south of Canaan.  Nu 13:29; 1Sa 27:8
      Extended from Havilah to Shur.  1Sa 15:7
      Was the scene of ancient warfare.  Ge 14:7
    Part of the Kenites dwelt amongst  1Sa 15:6
    Were the first to oppose Israel  Ex 17:8
    Discomfited at Rephidim through the intercession of Moses  Ex 17:9-13
    Doomed to utter destruction for opposing Israel  Ex 17:14,16; De 25:19
    Their utter destruction foretold  Nu 24:20
    Presumption of Israel punished by  Nu 14:45
    United with Eglon against Israel  Jdj 3:13
    Part of their possessions taken by Ephraim  Jdj 5:14; 12:15
    With Midian, oppressed Israel  Jdj 6:3-5
    Overcome by Gideon  Jdj 6:33,34; 7:21,22
      Overcame, and delivered Israel.  1Sa 14:48
      Commissioned to destroy.  1Sa 15:1-3
      Massacred.  1Sa 15:4-8
      Condemned for not utterly destroying.  1Sa 15:9-26; 28:18
    Agag, king of, slain by Samuel  1Sa 15:32,33
    Invaded by David  1Sa 27:8,9
    Pillaged and burned Ziklag  1Sa 30:1,2
    Pursued and slain by David  1Sa 30:10-20
    Spoil taken from, consecrated  2Sa 8:11,12
    Confederated against Israel  Ps 83:7
    Remnant of, completely destroyed during the reign of Hezekiah  1Ch 4:41-43