Bible Verses About Ammonites_The

Ammonites, The.
    Descent of  Ge 19:38
    Called the
      Children of Lot.  De 2:19
      Children of Ammon.  Jer 25:21
    Governed by hereditary kings  2Sa 10:1
    Country of
      Belonged to the Zamzummims.  De 2:20,21
      Bordered on the Amorites.  Nu 21:24
      Was fertile.  Jer 49:4
      Well fortified.  Nu 21:24
      Half of, given to the Gadites.  Jos 13:25
    Character of
      Cruel and covetous.  Am 1:13
      Proud and reproachful.  Zep 2:10
      Vindictive.  Eze 25:3,6
      Fond of ornaments.  2Ch 20:25
      Idolatrous.  Jdj 10:6; 1Ki 11:7,33; 2Ki 23:13
      Superstitious.  Jer 27:3,9
    Chief cities of Jewish laws respecting
      Perpetual exclusion from the congregation.  De 23:3; Ne 13:1
      No covenant to made with.  De 23:6
      Not to be distressed.  De 2:19; 2Ch 20:10
    Assisted Eglon against Israel  Jdj 3:12,13
    With the Philistines oppressed Israel for eighteen years  Jdj 10:6-9
    Jephthah raised up to deliver Israel from  Jdj 10:15-18; 11:4-33
    Proposed a disgraceful treaty to Jabesh-gilead  1Sa 11:1-3
    Saul's victories over  1Sa 11:11; 14:47
    Ill-treated David's ambassadors  2Sa 10:1-4
    Hired the Syrians against David  2Sa 10:6
    Victories of Joab over  2Sa 10:7-14; 12:26-29
    The royal treasure of, taken  2Sa 12:30
    Of Rabbah reduced to hard bondage  2Sa 12:31
    Spoil of, consecrated to God  2Sa 8:11,12
    One of David's mighty men was of  2Sa 23:37
    Solomon intermarried with, and introduced idols of into Israel  1Ki 11:1-5
    Confederated against Jehoshaphat  2Ch 20:1; Ps 83:7
    Miraculous defeat of  2Ch 20:5-24
    Submitted to Uzziah  2Ch 26:8
    Defeated by Jotham  2Ch 27:5
    Seized upon the possessions of Gad  Jer 49:1
    Aided the Chaldeans against Judah  2Ki 24:2
    Vexed the Jews after captivity  Ne 4:3,7,8
    The Jews reprobated for intermarrying with  Ezr 9:1-3; Ne 13:23-28
    Predictions respecting
      Subjection to Babylon.  Jer 25:9-21; 27:3,6
      Destructions for hatred to Israel.  Eze 25:2-10; Zep 2:8,9
      Punishment for oppressive cruelty.  Jer 49:1-5; Am 1:13-15
      Restoration.  Jer 49:6
      Subjection to the Jews.  Isa 11:14