Bible Verses About Amorites_The

Amorites, The.
    Descent of  Ge 10:15,16; 1Ch 1:13,14
    One of the seven nations of Canaan  Ge 15:21; Ex 3:8,17
    Governed by many independent kings  Jos 5:1; 9:10
    Kings of, great and powerful  Ps 136:18,20
    Originally inhabited a mountain district in the south  Nu 13:29; De 1:7,20; Jdj 1:36
    Acquired an extensive territory from Moab east of Jordan  Nu 21:26,30
    Had many and strong cities  Nu 32:17,33
    Of gigantic strength and stature  Am 2:9
    Character of
      Profane and wicked.  Ge 15:16
      Idolatrous.  Jos 24:15
    Defeated by Chedorlaomer, &c  Ge 14:7
    Joined Abraham against the kings  Ge 14:13,24
    Jacob took a portion from  Ge 48:22
    Forbearance of God towards  Ge 15:16
    Doomed to utter destruction  De 20:17,18
    Refused a passage to Israel  Nu 21:21-23; De 2:30
    Deprived of their eastern territory by Israel  Nu 21:24-35
    Land of, given to Reubenites, &c  Jos 13:15-31
    Western kings of, confederated against Israel  Jos 10:1-5
    Miraculous overthrow of  Jos 10:11-14
    Kings of, degraded and slain  Jos 10:24-27
    The Gibeonites a tribe of, deceived Israel into a league  2Sa 21:2, Jos 9:3-16
    The Israelites unable to expel, but extracted tribute from  Jdj 1:34,35
    Had peace with Israel in the days of Samuel  1Sa 7:14
    Brought into bondage by Solomon  1Ki 9:20,21
    Ahab followed the abominations of  1Ki 21:26
    Manasseh exceeded abominations of  2Ki 21:11
    The Jews after the captivity condemned for intermarrying with  Ezr 9:1,2
    Descent from, illustrative of man's natural state  Eze 16:3