Bible Verses About Amusements_and_Pleasures_Worldly

Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly.
    Belong to the works of the flesh  Ga 5:19,21
    Are transitory  Job 21:12,13; Heb 11:25
    Are all vanity  Ec 2:11
    Choke the word of God in the heart  Lu 8:14
    Formed a part of idolatrous worship  Ex 32:4,6,19; 1Co 10:7; Jdj 16:23-25
    Lead to
      Rejection of God.  Job 21:14,15
      Poverty.  Pr 21:17
      Disregard of the judgments and works of God.  Isa 5:12; Am 6:1-6
    Terminate in sorrow  Pr 14:13
    Are likely to lead to greater evil  Job 1:5; Mt 14:6-8
    The wicked seek for happiness in  Ec 2:1,8
    Indulgence in
      A proof of folly.  Ec 7:4
      A characteristic of the wicked.  Isa 47:8; Eph 4:17,19; 2Ti 3:4; Tit 3:3; 1Pe 4:3
      A proof of spiritual death.  1Ti 5:6
      An abuse of riches.  Jas 5:1,5
    Wisdom of abstaining from  Ec 7:2,3
    Shunned by the saints  1Pe 4:3
    Abstinence from, seems strange to the wicked  1Pe 4:4
    Denounced by God  Isa 5:11,12
    Punishment of  Ec 11:9; 2Pe 2:13
    Renunciation of, Exemplified