Bible Verses About Anakim_The

Anakim, The.
    Descent of  Nu 13:22; Jos 15:13
    Were called
      The sons of Anak.  Nu 13:33
      The sons of the Anakim.  De 1:28
      The children of the Anakims.  De 9:2
    Divided into three tribes  Jos 15:14
    Inhabited the mountains of Judah  Jos 11:21
    Hebron, chief city of  Jos 14:15; 21:11
    Of gigantic strength and stature  De 2:10,11,21
    Israel terrified by  Nu 14:1; 13:33
    Hebron a possession of, given to Caleb for his faithfulness  Jos 14:6-14
    Driven from Hebron by Caleb  Jos 15:13,14
    Driven from Kirjathsepher or Debir by Othniel  Jos 15:15-17; Jdj 1:12,13
    Almost annihilated  Jos 11:21,22