Bible Verses About Asher the Tribe Of

Asher the Tribe Of.
    Descended form Jacob's eighth son  Ge 30:12,13
    Predictions concerning  Ge 49:20; De 33:24,25
    Strength of, on leaving Egypt  Nu 1:40,41
    Persons selected from
      To number the people.  Nu 1:13
      To spy out the land.  Nu 13:13
      To divide the land.  Nu 34:27
    The centre of the fourth division of Israel in its journeys  Nu 10:25,26
    Encamped next to, and under the standard of Dan, north of the tabernacles  Nu 2:25,27
    Offering of, at the dedication  Nu 7:72-77
    Families of  Nu 26:44-47
    Strength of on entering Canaan  Nu 26:47
    On Ebal, said amen to the curses of the law  De 27:13
    Bounds of their inheritance  Jos 19:24-31
    Bordered on the sea  Jos 19:29; Jdj 5:17
    Did not fully drive out Canaanites  Jdj 1:31,32
    Reproved for not aiding against Sisera  Jdj 5:17
    Assisted Gideon against the Midianites  Jdj 6:35; 7:23
    Some of, at coronation of David  1Ch 12:36
    Officers place over, by Solomon  1Ki 4:16
    Aided in Hezekiah's reformation  2Ch 30:11
    Remarkable persons of  1Ch 7:30-40; Lu 2:36