Bible Verses About Ass the Wild

Ass, the Wild.
    Inhabits wild and solitary places  Job 39:6; Isa 32:14; Da 5:21
    Ranges the mountains for food  Job 39:8
    Brays when hungry  Job 6:5
    Suffers in time of scarcity  Jer 14:6
    Described as Despises his pursuers  Job 39:7
    Supported by God  Ps 104:10,11
    Illustrative of
      Intractableness of natural man.  Job 11:12
      The wicked in their pursuit of sin.  Job 24:5
      Israel in their love of idols.  Jer 2:23,24
      The Assyrian power.  Ho 8:9
      The Ishmaelites (Hebrew).  Ge 16:12