Bible Verses About Atonement the Day Of

Atonement, the Day Of.
    Tenth day of seventh month  Le 23:26,27
    A day of humiliation  Le 16:29,31; 23:27
    Observed as a sabbath  Le 23:28,32
    Offerings to be made on  Le 16:3,5-15
    The high priest entered into the holy place on  Le 16:2,3; Heb 9:7
    Atonement made on
      For the holy place.  Ex 30:10; Le 16:15,16
      For the high priest.  Le 16:11; Heb 9:7
      For the whole congregation.  Le 16:17,24; 23:28; Heb 9:7
    The sins of the people borne off by the scapegoat on  Le 16:21
    Punishment for not observing  Le 23:29,30
    Year of Jubilee commenced on  Le 25:9
    Typical  Heb 9:8,24