Bible Verses About Babylon

    Origin of  Ge 10:8,10
    Origin of the name  Ge 11:8,9
    Was called Situated beyond the Euphrates  Ge 11:31; Jos 24:2,3
    Formerly a part of Mesopotamia  Ac 7:2
    Founded by the Assyrians, and a part of their empire  2Ki 17:24; Isa 23:13
    Watered by the rivers Euphrates and Tigris  Ps 137:1; Jer 51:13
    Composed of many nations  Da 3:4; 3:29
    Governed by Kings  2Ki 20:12; Da 5:1
    With Media and Persia divided by Darius 120 provinces  Da 6:1
    Presidents placed over  Da 2:48; 6:1
    Babylon the chief province of  Da 3:1
    Babylon the capital of
      Its antiquity.  Ge 11:4,9
      Enlarged by Nebuchadnezzar.  Da 4:30
      Surrounded with a great wall and fortified.  Jer 51:53,58
      Called the golden city.  Isa 14:4
      Called the glory of kingdoms.  Isa 13:19
      Called beauty of Chaldees, &c.  Isa 13:19
      Called the city of merchants.  Eze 17:4
      Called Babylon the great.  Da 4:30
    Remarkable for Inhabitants of As a power was Languages spoken in  Da 1:4; 2:4
    Armies of, described  Hab 1:7-9
    Represented by
      A great eagle.  Eze 17:3
      A head of gold.  Da 2:32,37,38
      A lion with eagle's wings.  Da 7:4
    Ambassadors of, sent to Hezekiah  2Ki 20:12
    Nebuchadnezzar king of
      Made Jehoiakim tributary.  2Ki 24:1
      Besieged Jerusalem.  2Ki 24:10,11
      Took Jehoiachin, &c captive to Babylon.  2Ki 24:12,14-16; 2Ch 36:10
      Spoiled the temple.  2Ki 24:13
      Made Zedekiah king.  2Ki 24:17
      Rebelled against by Zedekiah.  2Ki 24:20
      Besieged and took Jerusalem.  2Ki 25:1-4
      Burned Jerusalem, &c.  2Ki 25:9,10
      Took Zedekiah, &c captive to Babylon.  2Ki 25:7,11,18-21; 2Ch 36:20
      Spoiled and burned the temple.  2Ki 25:9,13-17; 2Ch 36:18,19
    Revolt of the Jews from, and their punishment illustrated  Eze 17:1-24
    The Jews exhorted to be subject to, and settle in  Jer 27:17; 29:1-7
    Treatment of the Jews in  2Ki 25:27-30; Da 1:3-7
    Grief of the Jews in  Ps 137:1-6
    Destroyed by the Medes  Da 5:30,31
    Restoration of the Jews from  2Ch 36:23; Ezr 1:1-2:67
    The gospel preached in  1Pe 5:13
    A type of Antichrist  Re 16:19; 17:5
    Predictions respecting