Bible Verses About Bear The

Bear, The.
    Inhabits woods  2Ki 2:24
    Described as
      Voracious.  Da 7:5
      Cunning.  La 3:10
      Cruel.  Am 5:19
    Often attacks men  2Ki 2:24; Am 5:19
    Attacks the flock in the presence of the shepherd  1Sa 17:34
    Particularly fierce when deprived of its young  2Sa 17:8; Pr 17:12
    Growls when annoyed  Isa 59:11
    Miraculously killed by David  1Sa 17:36,37
    Illustrative of
      God in his judgments.  La 3:10; Ho 13:8
      The natural man.  Isa 11:7
      Wicked rulers.  Pr 28:15
      The kingdom of the Medes.  Da 7:5
      The kingdom of Antichrist.  Re 13:2