Bible Verses About Beard The

Beard, The.
    The Jews never appeared without  2Sa 10:5
    Worn even by the priests  Ps 133:2
    Laying hold of, a token of respect  1Sa 20:9
    Shaving of, a great offence  2Sa 10:4,6,7
    Plucking of, a sign of scorn  Isa 50:6
    Dribbling on, a sign of derangement  1Sa 21:13
    In affliction
      Was neglected and untrimmed.  2Sa 19:24
      Was clipped.  Jer 48:37
      Was shorn.  Jer 41:5
      Sometimes plucked out.  Ezr 9:3
    Corners of, not to be marred for the dead  Le 19:27; 21:5
    Subject to leprosy  Le 13:29,30
    Of the healed leper to be shaved  Le 14:9
    Shaving, illustrative of severe judgments  Isa 7:20; 15:2; Eze 5:1