Bible Verses About Beds

    Antiquity of  Ge 47:31; Ex 8:3
    Couches or divans used as  Job 7:13; Ps 6:6
    A small pallet or mattress used as  1Sa 19:15
    Considered necessary  2Ki 4:10
    Made of
      Iron.  De 3:11
      Ivory.  Am 6:4
      Gold and Silver.  Es 1:6
    Wood  Song 3:7-9
    Supplied with pillows  1Sa 19:13; 26:7
    Covered with tapestry and linen  Pr 7:16
    Often perfumed  Pr 7:17; Eze 23:41
    Of the poor covered with upper garment  Ex 22:26,27; De 24:12,13
    Used for
      Sleeping on.  Job 33:15; Lu 11:7
      Reclining on by day.  2Sa 4:5; 11:2
      Reclining on at meals.  1Sa 28:23-25; Am 6:4-6; Lu 7:36-38; Joh 13:23
    Not used in affliction  2Sa 12:16; 13:31
    Persons sometimes took to, in grief  1Ki 21:4; Ho 7:14
    Saints meditate and praise God while on  Ps 4:4; 149:5; Song 3:1
    The wicked devise mischief while on  Ps 36:4; Mic 2:1
    The slothful too fond of  Pr 26:14
    Of the poor often sold for debt  Pr 22:27
    Subject to ceremonial defilement  Le 15:4
    Purification of  Mr 7:4
      Of the grave.  Isa 57:2
      (Made in darkness,) of extreme misery.  Job 17:13
      (Made in sickness,) of divine support and comfort.  Ps 41:3
      (Made on high,) of carnal security.  Isa 57:7
      (Too short,) of plans which afford no rest or peace.  Isa 28:20