Bible Verses About Blood

    The life of animals  Ge 9:4; Le 17:11,14
    Fluid  De 12:16
    Red  2Ki 3:22; Joe 2:31
    Of all men the same  Ac 17:26
    Eating of, forbidden to
      Man after the flood.  Ge 9:4
      The Israelites under the law.  Le 3:17; 17:10,12
      The early Christians.  Ac 15:20,29
    The Jews often guilty of eating  1Sa 14:32,33; Eze 33:25
    Of animals slain for good to be poured on the earth and covered  Le 17:13; De 12:16,24
    Birds of prey delight in  Job 39:30
    Beasts of prey delight in  Nu 23:24; Ps 68:23
    Shedding of human
      Forbidden.  Ge 9:5
      Hateful to God.  Pr 6:16,17
      Defiling to the land.  Ps 106:38
      Defiling to the person.  Isa 59:3
      Jews often guilty of.  Jer 22:17; Eze 22:4
      Always punished.  Ge 9:6
      Mode of clearing those accused of.  De 21:1-9
    The price of, not to be consecrated  Mt 27:6
    Of legal sacrifices
      For atonement.  Ex 30:10; Le 17:11
      For purification.  Heb 9:13,19-22
      How disposed of.  Ex 29:12; Le 4:7
      Not offered with leaven.  Ex 23:18; 34:25
      Ineffectual to remove sin.  Heb 10:4
    Idolaters made drink-offerings of  Ps 16:4
    Water turned into, as a sign  Ex 4:30
    Waters of Egypt turned into, as a judgment  Ex 7:17-21
      (Washing the feet in,) of victories.  Ps 58:10; 68:23
      (Building with,) of oppression and cruelty.  Hab 2:12
      (Preparing to,) of ripening for destruction.  Eze 35:6
      (On one's own head,) of guilt.  Le 20:9; 2Sa 1:16; Eze 18:13
      (Given to drink,) of severe judgments.  Eze 16:38; Re 16:6