Bible Verses About Bottles

    First mention of, in Scripture  Ge 21:14
    Ancients often drank from  Hab 2:15
    Used for holding
      Water.  Ge 21:14,15,19
      Milk.  Jdj 4:19
      Wine.  1Sa 1:24; 16:20
    Some, made of earthenware  Jer 19:1
    Made of skins
      Shrivelled and dried by smoke.  Ps 119:83
      Marred by age and use.  Jos 9:14,13
      When old, unfit for holding new wine.  Mt 9:17; Mr 2:22
      Sometimes probably of large dimensions.  1Sa 25:18; 2Sa 16:1
      Of the clouds.  Job 38:37
      Of God's remembrance.  Ps 56:8
      Of sinners ripe for judgment.  Jer 13:12-14
      (Dried up,) of the afflicted.  Ps 119:83
      (Ready to burst,) of the impatient.  Job 32:19
      (Broken,) of severe judgments.  Isa 30:14; Jer 19:10; 48:12