Bible Verses About Bow The

Bow, The.
    An instrument of war  Ge 48:22; Isa 7:24
    Sometimes used in hunting  Ge 27:3
    For shooting arrows  1Ch 12:2
    Called the battle bow  Zec 9:10; 10:4
    Those who used, called Usually of steel  2Sa 22:35; Job 20:24
    Held in the left hand  Eze 39:3
    Drawn with full force  2Ki 9:24
    The Jews taught to use  2Sa 1:18
    Used expertly by
      Lydians.  Jer 46:9
      Elamites.  Jer 49:35
      Philistines.  1Sa 31:2,3
      Sons of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh.  1Ch 5:18
      Benjamites.  1Ch 12:2; 2Ch 14:8
    Given as a token of friendship  1Sa 18:4
    Often furnished by the state  2Ch 26:14
    Of the vanquished, broken and burned  Ps 37:15; Eze 39:9
      Of strength and power.  Job 29:20
      Of the tongue of the wicked.  Ps 11:2; Jer 9:3
      (When deceitful,) of the hypocrite.  Ps 78:57; Ho 7:16
      (When broken,) of the overthrow of power.  1Sa 2:4; Jer 49:35; Ho 1:5; 2:18