Bible Verses About Breastplate

    A part of defensive armour  1Ki 22:34
    A part of the high priest's dress  Ex 28:4
    For soldiers
      Made of iron.  Re 9:9
      Bright and shining.  Re 9:17
    For the high priest
      Materials of.  Ex 28:15; 39:8
      Form and dimensions of.  Ex 28:16; 39:9
      Made from the offering of the people.  Ex 35:9
    Had names of the tribes engraved on precious stones  Ex 28:17-21; 39:10,14
    Inseparably united to the ephod  Ex 28:22-28; 39:15-21
    The Urim and Thummim placed in  Ex 28:30; Le 8:8
    Worn as a memorial  Ex 28:29; Isa 49:16
    Illustrative of the
      Righteous judgment of Christ.  Isa 59:17
      Defence of righteousness.  Eph 6:14
      Defence of faith and love.  1Th 5:8