Bible Verses About Burnt Offering The

Burnt Offering, The.
    To be offered only to the Lord  Jdj 13:16
    Specially acceptable  Ge 8:21; Le 1:9,13,17
    The most ancient of all sacrifices  Ge 4:4; 8:20; 22:2,13; Job 1:5
    Offered by the Jews before the law  Ex 10:25; 24:5
    To be taken from
      The flock or herd.  Le 1:2
      The fowls.  Le 1:14
    Was an atonement for sin  Le 9:7
    Guilt transferred to, by imposition of hands  Le 1:4; Nu 8:12
    Required to be
      Killed, if a beast, by the person who brought it.  Le 1:5,11
      Killed, if a bird, by the priest.  Le 1:15
      For the people at large, killed and prepared by the Levites.  Eze 44:11
      A male without blemish.  Le 1:3; 22:19
      Voluntary.  Le 1:3; 22:18,19
      Presented at the door of the tabernacle.  Le 1:3; De 12:6,11,14
      Offered by priests only.  Le 1:9; Eze 44:15
      Offered in righteousness.  Ps 51:19
      Entirely burned.  Le 1:8,9,12,13; 6:9
      Blood of, sprinkled round about upon the altar.  Le 1:5,11
    Blood of, sprinkled round about upon the altar  Le 1:5,11
    If a bird, the blood was wrung out at the side of the altar  Le 1:15
    Ashes of, collected at foot of the altar, and conveyed without the camp  Le 6:11
    Skin of, given to the priests for clothing  Le 7:8; Ge 3:21
    Was offered
      Every morning and evening.  Ex 29:38-42
      Every sabbath day.  Nu 28:9,10
      The first day of every month.  Nu 28:11
      The seven days of unleavened bread.  Nu 28:19,24
      The day of atonement.  Le 16:3,5; Nu 29:8
      At consecration of Levites.  Nu 8:12
      At consecration priests.  Le 9:2,12-14
      At consecration of kings.  1Ch 29:21-23
      At purification of women.  Le 12:6
      For Nazarites after defilement, or at the end of their vow.  Nu 6:11,14
      For the healed leper.  Le 14:13,19,20
      At dedication of sacred places.  Nu 7:15; 1Ki 8:64
      After great mercies.  1Sa 6:14; 2Sa 24:22,25
      Before going to war.  1Sa 7:9
      With sounds of trumpets at feasts.  Nu 10:10
    The fat, &c of all peace offerings laid on, and consumed with the daily  Le 3:5; 6:12
    Of the wicked, not accepted by God  Isa 1:10,11; Jer 6:19,20; Am 5:22
    Obedience better than  1Sa 15:22; Jer 7:21-23
    Knowledge of God better than  Ho 6:6
    Love of God better than  Mr 12:33
    Abraham tried by the command to offer Isaac as  Ge 22:1-24
    Incapable of removing sin, and reconciling to God  Ps 40:6; 50:8; Heb 10:6
    The most costly, no adequate tribute to God  Isa 40:16; Ps 50:9-13
    Guilt of unauthorised persons offering  1Sa 13:12,13
    Guilt of offering, except in the place appointed  Le 17:8,9
    Of human victims execrated  De 12:31; 2Ki 3:27; Jer 7:31; 19:5
    Illustrative of