Bible Verses About Calf The

Calf, The.
    The young of the herd  Job 21:10; Jer 31:12
    Playfulness of, alluded to  Ps 29:6
    Fed on
      Milk.  1Sa 6:10
      Branches of trees, &c.  Isa 27:10
    Fattened in stalls, &c  1Sa 28:24; Am 6:4
    Offered in sacrifice  Le 9:2,3; Heb 9:12,19
    Of a year old best for sacrifice  Mic 6:6
    If first-born not redeemed  Nu 18:17
    Eaten in the patriarchal age  Ge 18:7,8
    When fattened considered a delicacy  1Sa 28:24,25; Am 6:4; Lu 15:23,27
    Illustrative of
      Saints nourished by grace.  Mal 4:2
      Sacrifices of praise.  Ho 14:2; Heb 13:5
      Patient endurance.  Eze 1:7; Re 4:7