Bible Verses About Calf of Gold

Calf of Gold.
    Made on account of the delay of Moses in the mount  Ex 32:1
    Was made
      Of the ornaments of the women, &c.  Ex 32:2,3
      To represent God.  Ex 32:4,5; Ps 106:20
      After an Egyptian model.  Ac 7:39,41
      To go before the congregation.  Ex 32:1
    Molten in the fire  Ex 32:4; Ps 106:19
    Fashioned with a graven tool  Ex 32:4
    An altar built before  Ex 32:5
    Sacrifices offered to  Ex 32:6; Ac 7:41
    Worshipped with profane revelry  Ex 32:6,18,19,25; 1Co 10:7
    Making of
      A very great sin.  Ex 32:21,30,31
      A forgetting of God.  Ps 106:21
      A turning aside from the divine command.  Ex 32:8; De 9:12,16
      Excited wrath against Aaron.  De 9:20
      Excited wrath against Israel.  Ex 32:10; De 9:14,19
      Caused Moses to break the tables of the testimony.  Ex 32:19; De 9:17
      Israel punished for.  Ex 32:26-29,35
    Moses interceded for those who worshipped  Ex 32:11-14,30-34; De 9:18-20
    Destroyed by Moses  Ex 32:20; De 9:21
    Punishment of those who worshipped a warning to others  1Co 10:5-7