Bible Verses About Cherubim

    Form and appearance of  Eze 1:5-11,13,14
    Animated by the Spirit of God  Eze 1:12,20
    Engaged in accomplishing the purposes of God  Eze 1:15,21; 10:9-11,16,17
    The glory of God exhibited upon  Eze 1:22,26-28; 10:4,18,20
    Sound of their wings was as the voice of God  Eze 1:24; 10:5
    Placed at the entrance of Eden  Ge 3:24
    Of gold
      Formed out of, and at each end of the mercy seat.  Ex 25:18-20
      Placed over the ark of the covenant.  1Sa 4:4; 1Ki 8:6,7; 2Ch 5:7,8
      God's presence manifested between.  2Sa 6:2; 2Ki 19:15; Ps 80:1; 99:1
      The oracles or answers of God delivered from between.  Ex 25:22; Nu 7:89
    Called the cherubim of glory  Heb 9:5
    Representations of, made on the
      Curtains of the tabernacle.  Ex 26:1,31
      Vail of the tabernacle.  Ex 26:31
      Vail of the temple.  2Ch 3:14
      Doors of the temple.  1Ki 6:32,35
      Walls of the temple.  2Ch 3:7
      Bases of brazen lavers.  1Ki 7:29,36
    Riding on, illustrative of majesty and power of God  2Sa 22:11; Ps 18:10