Bible Verses About Cloud of Glory

Cloud of Glory.
    First manifestation of  Ex 13:20,21
      The cloud.  Ex 34:5
      Pillar of cloud and pillar of fire.  Ex 13:22
      Cloudy pillar.  Ex 33:9,10
      Cloud of the Lord.  Nu 10:34
      The presence of God.  Ex 33:14,15
    God's glory manifested in  Ex 16:10; 40:35
    God came down in  Ex 34:5; Nu 11:25
    God spoke from  Ex 24:16; Ps 99:7
    Was designed to
      Regulate the movements of Israel.  Ex 40:36,37; Nu 9:17-23
      Guide Israel.  Ex 13:21; Ne 9:19
      Show light to Israel.  Ps 105:39
      Defend Israel.  Ex 14:19; Ps 105:39
      Cover the tabernacle.  Ex 40:34; Nu 9:15
    Was dark to the enemies of Israel  Ex 14:20
    Was the Shekinah over the mercy-seat  Le 16:2
    Continued during the journeyings of Israel  Ex 13:22; 40:38
    Manifested in the temple of Solomon  1Ki 8:10,11; 2Ch 5:13; Eze 10:4
    Special appearances of;
      At the murmuring for bread.  Ex 16:10
      At giving of the law.  Ex 19:9,16; 24:16-18
      At sedition of Aaron and Miriam.  Nu 12:5
      At the murmuring of Israel on the report of the spies.  Nu 14:10
      At the rebellion of Korah &c.  Nu 16:19
      At the murmuring of Israel on account of Korah's death.  Nu 16:42
      At Christ's transfiguration.  Mt 17:5
      At Christ's ascension.  Ac 1:9
    Our Lord shall make his second appearance in  Lu 21:27; Ac 1:11
    Illustrative of
      The glory of Christ.  Re 10:1
      The protection of the church.  Isa 4:5