Bible Verses About Communion of the Lord's Supper

Communion of the Lord's Supper.
    Prefigured  Ex 12:21-28; 1Co 5:7,8
    Instituted  Mt 26:26; 1Co 11:23
    Object of  Lu 22:19; 1Co 11:24,26
    Is the communion of the body and blood of Christ  1Co 10:16
    Both bread and wine are necessary to be received in  Mt 26:27; 1Co 11:26
    Self-examination commanded before partaking of  1Co 11:28,31
    Newness of heart and life necessary to the worthy partaking of  1Co 5:7,8
    Partakers of, be wholly separate to God  1Co 10:21
    Was continually partaken of, by the Church  Ac 2:42; 20:7
    Unworthy partakers of
      Are guilty of the body and blood of Christ.  1Co 11:27
      Discern not the Lord's body.  1Co 11:29
      Are visited with judgments.  1Co 11:30