Bible Verses About Condemnation

    The sentence of God against sin  Mt 25:41
    Universal, caused by the offence of Adam  Ro 5:12,16,18
    Inseparable consequence of sin  Pr 12:2; Ro 6:23
    Increased by
      Impenitence.  Mt 11:20-24
      Unbelief.  Joh 3:18,19
      Pride.  1Ti 3:6
      Oppression.  Jas 5:1-5
      Hypocrisy.  Mt 23:14
    Conscience testifies to the justice of  Job 9:20; Ro 2:1; Tit 3:11
    The law testifies to the justice of  Ro 3:19
    According to men's deserts  Mt 12:37; 2Co 11:15
    Saints are delivered from, by Christ  Joh 3:18; 5:24; Ro 8:1,33,34
    Of the wicked, an example  2Pe 2:7; Jude 1:7
    Chastisements are designed to rescue us from  Ps 94:12,13; 1Co 11:32
    Apostates ordained to  Jude 1:4
    Unbelievers remain under  Joh 3:18,36
    The law is the ministration of  2Co 3:9