Bible Verses About Contentment

    With godliness is great gain  Ps 37:16; 1Ti 6:6
    Saints should exhibit
      In their respective callings.  1Co 7:20
      With appointed wages.  Lu 3:14
      With what things they have.  Heb 13:5
      With food and raiment.  1Ti 6:8
    God's promises should lead to  Heb 13:5
    The wicked want  Isa 5:8; Ec 5:10
      Barzillai.  2Sa 19:33-37
      Shunammite.  2Ki 4:13
      David.  Ps 16:6
      Agur.  Pr 30:8,9
      Paul.  Php 4:11,12