Bible Verses About Daily Sacrifice The

Daily Sacrifice, The.
    Ordained in mount Sinai  Nu 28:6
    A lamb as a burnt offering morning and evening  Ex 29:38,39; Nu 28:3,4
    Doubled on the sabbath  Nu 28:9,10
    Required to be
      With a meat and drink offering.  Ex 29:40,41; Nu 28:5-8
      Slowly and entirely consumed.  Le 6:9-12
      Perpetually observed.  Ex 29:42; Nu 28:3,6
    Peculiarly acceptable  Nu 28:8; Ps 141:2
    Secured God's presence and favour  Ex 29:43,44
    Times of offering, were seasons of prayer  Ezr 9:5; Da 9:20,21; Ac 3:1
    Restored after the captivity  Ezr 3:3
    The abolition of, foretold  Da 9:26,27; 11:31
    Illustrative of
      Christ.  Joh 1:29,36; 1Pe 1:19
      Acceptable prayer.  Ps 141:2