Bible Verses About Dan the Tribe Of

Dan, the Tribe Of.
    Descended from Jacob's fifth son  Ge 30:6
    Predictions respecting  Ge 49:16,17; De 33:22
    Persons selected from
      To number the people.  Nu 1:12
      To spy out the land.  Nu 13:12
      To divide the land.  Nu 34:22
    Strength of, on leaving Egypt  Nu 1:38,39
    Led the fourth and last division of Israel  Nu 2:31; 10:25
    Encamped north of the tabernacle  Nu 2:25
    Offering of, at dedication  Nu 7:66-71
    Families of  Nu 26:42
    Strength of, entering Canaan  Nu 26:43
    On Ebal, said amen to the curses  De 27:13
    Bounds of its inheritance  Jos 19:40-46
    A commercial people  Jdj 5:17; Eze 27:19
    Restricted to the hills by Amorites  Jdj 1:34
    A part of
      Sent to seek new settlements.  Jdj 18:1,2
      Tool Laish and called it Dan.  Jos 19:47; Jdj 18:8-13,27-29
      Plundered Michah of his idols and his ephod.  Jdj 18:17-21,27
      Set up Micah's idols in Dan.  Jdj 18:30,31
    Reproved for not aiding against Sisera  Jdj 5:17
    Samson was of  Jdj 13:2,24,25
    Some of, at coronation of David  1Ch 12:35
    Ruler appointed over, by David  1Ch 27:22