Bible Verses About Dedication

    Consecration of a place of worship  2Ch 2:4
    Solemn confirmation of a covenant  Heb 9:18
    Devoting any thing to sacred uses  1Ch 28:12
    Subjects of
      Tabernacle.  Nu 7:1-89
      Temple of Solomon.  1Ki 8:1-63; 2Ch 7:5
      Second temple.  Ezr 6:16,17
      Persons.  Ex 22:29; 1Sa 1:11
      Property.  Le 27:28; Mt 15:5
      Spoils of war.  2Sa 8:11; 1Ch 18:11
      Tribute from foreigners.  2Sa 8:10,11
      Walls of cities.  Ne 12:27
      Houses when built.  De 20:5; Ps 30:1
    By idolaters in setting up idols  Da 3:2,3
    Things dedicated to God
      Esteemed holy.  Le 27:28; 2Ki 12:18
      Placed with the treasures of the Lord's house.  1Ki 7:51; 2Ch 5:1
      Special chambers prepared for.  2Ch 31:11,12
      Levites place over.  1Ch 26:20,26; 2Ch 31:12
      Applied to the repair and maintenance of the temple.  2Ki 12:4,5; 1Ch 26:27
      For support of priests.  Nu 18:14; Eze 44:29
      Given to propitiate enemies.  2Ki 12:17,18
      Law respecting the release of.  Le 27:1-34
    Of property often perverted  Mr 7:9-13
    Illustrated of devotedness to God  Ps 119:38