Bible Verses About Defilement

    Forbidden to the Jews  Le 11:44,45
    Things liable to ceremonial
      The person.  Le 5:3
      Garments.  Le 13:59
      Furniture, &c.  Le 15:9,10; Nu 19:14,15
      Houses.  Le 14:44
      The land.  Le 18:25; De 21:23
      The sanctuary.  Le 20:3; Zep 3:4
    Ceremonial caused by
      Eating unclean things.  Le 11:8; Ac 10:11,14
      Eating things that died.  Le 17:15
      Touching a dead body or a bone.  Nu 9:6,7; 19:11,16
      Touching a grave.  Nu 19:16
      Touching a dead beast.  Le 5:2; 11:24-28
      Being alone with a dead body.  Nu 19:14
      Mourning for the dead.  Le 21:1-3
      Having a leprosy.  Le 13:3,11; Nu 5:2,3
      Having an issue, &c.  Le 15:2; Nu 5:2
      Touching anything defiled by an issue, &c.  Le 15:5-11
      Going into a leprous house.  Le 14:46
      Sacrificing the red heifer.  Nu 19:7
      Burning the red heifer.  Nu 19:8
      Gathering the ashes of the red heifer.  Nu 19:10
      Touching an unclean person.  Nu 19:22
      Child bearing.  Le 12:2
    Causes of, improperly enlarged by tradition  Mr 7:2; Mt 15:20
    Moral, caused by
      Following the sins of the heathen.  Le 18:24
      Seeking after wizards.  Le 19:31
      Giving children to Molech.  Le 20:3
      Making and serving idols.  Eze 20:17,18; 22:3,4; 23:7
      Blood shedding.  Isa 59:3
    Moral, punished  Le 18:24,25,28,29
    Those under, removed from the camp  Nu 5:3,4; De 23:14
      To decide in all cases of.  Le 10:10; 13:3
      Specially required to avoid.  Le 21:1-6,11,12
      Not to eat holy things while under.  Le 22:2,4-6
      Punished for eating of the holy things while under.  Le 22:3
    Cleansed by legal offerings  Nu 19:18,19; Heb 9:13
    Neglecting purification from, punished by cutting off  Nu 19:13,20
    Ceremonial, abolished under the gospel  Ac 10:15; Ro 14:14; Col 2:20-22
      Of sin.  Mt 15:11,18; Jude 1:8
      Of unholy doctrines.  1Co 3:16,17