Bible Verses About Doctrines False

Doctrines, False.
    Destructive to faith  2Ti 2:18
    Hateful to God  Re 2:14,15
    Unprofitable and vain  Tit 3:9; Heb 13:9
    Should be avoided by The wicked love  2Ti 4:3,4
    The wicked given up to believe  2Th 2:11
    Teachers of
      Not to be countenanced.  2Jo 1:10
      Should be avoided.  Ro 16:17,18
      Bring reproach on religion.  2Pe 2:2
      Speak perverse things.  Ac 20:30
      Attract many.  2Pe 2:2
      Deceive many.  Mt 24:5
      Shall abound in the latter days.  1Ti 4:1
      Pervert the gospel of Christ.  Ga 1:6,7
      Shall be exposed.  2Ti 3:9
    Teachers of, are described as
      Cruel.  Ac 20:29
      Deceitful.  2Co 11:13
      Covetous.  Tit 1:11; 2Pe 2:3
      Ungodly.  Jdj 1:4,8
      Proud and ignorant.  1Ti 6:3,4
      Corrupt and reprobate.  2Ti 3:8
    Try, by Scripture  Isa 8:20; 1Jo 4:1
    Curse on those who teach  Ga 1:8,9
    Punishment on those who teach  Mic 3:6,7; 2Pe 2:1,3