Bible Verses About Dog The

Dog, The.
    Despised by the Jews  2Sa 3:8
    Described as
      Impatient of injury.  Pr 26:17
      Unclean.  Lu 16:21; 2Pe 2:22
      Carnivorous.  1Ki 14:11; 2Ki 9:35,36
      Fond of blood.  1Ki 21:19; 22:38
      Dangerous and destructive.  Ps 22:16
    Infested cities by night  Ps 59:14,15
    Nothing holy to be given to  Mt 7:6; 15:26
    Things torn by beasts given to  Ex 22:31
    Sacrificing of, an abomination  Isa 66:3
    Price of, not to be consecrated  De 23:18
    When domesticated
      Employed in watching flocks.  Job 30:1
      Fed with the crumbs, &c.  Mt 15:27
    Manner of, in drinking alluded to  Jdj 7:5
      Of Gentiles.  Mt 15:22,26
      Of covetous ministers.  Isa 56:11
      Of fools.  Pr 26:11
      Of apostates.  2Pe 2:22
      Of persecutors.  Ps 22:16,20
      Of obstinate sinners.  Mt 7:6; Re 22:15
      Of false teachers.  Php 3:2
      (Dumb,) of unfaithful ministers.  Isa 56:10
      (Dead,) of the mean.  1Sa 24:14; 2Sa 9:8