Bible Verses About Dove The

Dove, The.
    Clean and used as food  De 14:11
    Offered in sacrifice  Ge 15:9; Le 1:14
    Impiously sold in the court of the temple  Mt 21:12; Joh 2:16
    Characterised by
      Simplicity.  Mt 10:16
      Comeliness of countenance.  Song 2:14
      Softness of eyes.  Song 1:15
      Sweetness of voice.  Song 2:14
      Richness of plumage.  Ps 68:13
    Mournful tabering of, alluded to  Na 2:7
    Dwells in rocks  Song 2:14; Jer 48:28
    Frequents streams and rivers  Song 5:12
    Sent from the ark by Noah  Ge 8:8,10,12
    Why considered the emblem of peace  Ge 8:11
    The harbinger of spring  Song 2:12
      Of the Holy Spirit.  Mt 3:16; Joh 1:32
      Of the meekness of Christ.  Song 5:12
      Of the church.  Song 2:14; 5:2
      Of mourners.  Isa 38:14; 59:11
      Of converts to the church.  Isa 60:8
      (In its flight,) of the return of Israel from captivity.  Ho 11:11