Bible Verses About Dragon The

Dragon, The.
    Often of a red colour  Re 12:3
    Described as
      Powerful.  Re 12:4
      Poisonous.  De 32:33
      Of solitary habits.  Job 30:29
    Its mournful voice alluded to  Mic 1:8
    Its wailing alluded to  Mic 1:8
    Its snuffing up the air alluded to  Jer 14:6
    Its swallowing of its prey alluded to  Jer 51:34
    Found in A species of, in rivers  Ps 74:13; Isa 27:1
      Of cruel and persecuting kings.  Isa 27:1; 51:9; Eze 29:3
      Of enemies of the church.  Ps 9:13
      Of wicked men.  Ps 44:19
      Of the devil.  Re 13:2; 20:2,7
      (Poison of,) of wine.  De 32:33