Bible Verses About Drink Offering

Drink Offering.
    Antiquity of  Ge 35:14
    Sacrifices accompanied by  Ex 29:40; Le 23:13
    Quantity appointed to be used for each kind of sacrifice  Nu 15:3-10
    For public sacrifices provided by the state  Ezr 7:17; Eze 45:17
    Not poured on the altar of incense  Ex 30:9
    Omission of, caused by bad vintage  Joe 1:9,13
    Idolatrous Jews Idolaters often used blood for  Ps 16:4
    Vanity of offering, to idols  De 32:37,38
    Illustrative of the
      Offering of Christ.  Isa 53:12
      Pouring out of the Spirit.  Joe 2:28
      Devotedness of ministers.  Php 2:17