Bible Verses About Egypt

    Peopled by Mizraim's posterity  Ge 10:6,13,14
    Boundaries of  Eze 29:10
    Dry climate of  De 11:10,11
    Watered by the Nile  Ge 41:1-3; Ex 1:22
    Inundations of, alluded to  Am 8:8
    Subject to plague, &c  De 7:15; 28:27,60
    Sometimes visited by famine  Ge 41:30
      The land of Ham.  Ps 105:23; 106:22
      The South.  Jer 13:19; Da 11:14,25
      Sihor.  Isa 23:3
      Rahab.  Ps 87:4; 89:10
      House of Bondmen.  Ex 13:3,14; De 7:8
    Celebrated for
      Fertility.  Ge 13:10; 45:18
      Wealth.  Heb 11:26
      Literature.  1Ki 4:30; Ac 7:22
      Fine horses.  1Ki 10:28,29
      Fine linen, &c.  Pr 7:16; Isa 19:9
      Commerce.  Ge 41:57; Eze 27:7
    Religion of, idolatrous  Ex 12:12; Nu 33:4; Isa 19:1; Eze 29:7
    Idolatry of, followed by Israel  Ex 32:4; Eze 20:8,19
    Magic practised in  Ex 7:11,12,22; 8:7
    Ruled by kings who assumed the name of Pharaoh  Ge 12:14,15; 40:1,2; Ex 1:8,22
    Under a governor  Ge 41:41-44
    Had princes and counsellors  Ge 12:15; Isa 19:11
    As a power was
      Proud and arrogant.  Eze 29:3; 30:6
      Pompous.  Eze 32:12
      Mighty.  Isa 30:2,3
      Ambitious of conquests.  Jer 46:8
      Treacherous.  Isa 36:6; 29:6,7
    Inhabitants of
      Superstitious.  Isa 19:3
      Hospitable.  Ge 47:5,6; 1Ki 11:18
      Often intermarried with strangers.  Ge 21:21; 1Ki 3:1; 11:19; 1Ch 2:34,35
      Abhorred shepherds.  Ge 46:34
      Abhorred the sacrifice of oxen, &c.  Ex 8:26
      Not to be abhorred by Israel.  De 23:7
      Might be received into the congregation in the third generation.  De 23:8
    Mode of entertaining in  Ge 43:32-34
    Diet used in  Nu 11:5
    Mode of embalming in  Ge 50:3
    Often a refuge to strangers  Ge 12:10; 47:4; 1Ki 11:17,40; 2Ki 25:26; Mt 2:12,13
    The armies of
      Described.  Ex 14:7-9
      Destroyed in the Red Sea.  Ex 14:23-28
      Captured and burned Gezer.  1Ki 9:16
      Besieged and plundered Jerusalem in Rehoboam's time.  1Ki 14:25,26
      Invaded Assyria and killed Josiah who assisted it.  2Ki 23:29
      Deposed Jehoahaz and made Judea tributary.  2Ki 23:31-35
      Assistance of, sought by Judah against the Chaldees.  Eze 17:15; Jer 37:5,7
    History of Israel in
      Their sojourn in it, foretold.  Ge 15:13
      Joseph sold into.  Ge 37:28; 39:1
      Potiphar blessed for Joseph's sake.  Ge 39:2-6
      Joseph unjustly cast into prison.  Ge 39:7-20
      Joseph interprets the chief baker's and the chief butler's dreams.  Ge 40:5-19
      Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams.  Ge 41:14-32
      Joseph counsels Pharaoh.  Ge 41:33-36
      Joseph made governor.  Ge 41:41-44
      Joseph's successful provision against the years of famine.  Ge 41:46-56
      Joseph's ten brethren arrive.  Ge 42:1-6
      Joseph recognises his brethren.  Ge 42:7,8
      Benjamin brought.  Ge 43:15
      Joseph makes himself known to his brethren.  Ge 45:1-8
      Joseph sends for his father.  Ge 45:9-11
      Pharaoh invites Jacob into.  Ge 45:16-20
      Jacob's journey.  Ge 46:5-7
      Jacob, &c presented to Pharaoh.  Ge 47:1-10
      Israel placed in the land of Goshen.  Ge 46:34; 47:11,27
      Joseph enriches the king.  Ge 47:13-26
      Jacob's death and burial.  Ge 49:33; 50:1-13
      Israel increases and are oppressed.  Ex 1:1-14
      Male children destroyed.  Ex 1:15-22
      Moses born and hid for three months.  Ex 2:2
      Moses exposed on the Nile.  Ex 2:3,4
      Moses adopted and brought up by Pharaoh's daughter.  Ex 2:5-10
      Moses slays an Egyptian.  Ex 2:11,12
      Moses flies to Midian.  Ex 2:15
      Moses sent to Pharaoh.  Ex 3:2-10
      Pharaoh increases their affliction.  Ex 5:1-23
      Moses proves his divine mission by miracles.  Ex 4:29-31; 7:10
      Egypt is plagued for Pharaoh's obstinacy.  Ex 7:14-10:29
      The passover instituted.  Ex 12:1-28
      Destruction of the first-born.  Ex 12:29,30
      Israel spoils the Egyptians.  Ex 12:35,36
      Israel driven out of.  Ex 12:31-33
      Date of the Exodus.  Ex 12:41; Heb 11:27
      Pharaoh pursues Israel and is miraculously destroyed.  Ex 14:5-25
    Prophecies respecting
      Dismay of its inhabitants.  Isa 19:1,16,17
      Infatuation of its princes.  Isa 19:3,11-14
      Failure of internal resources.  Isa 19:5-10
      Civil war and domestic strife.  Isa 19:2
      Armies destroyed by Babylon.  Jer 46:2-12
      Invasion by Babylon.  Jer 46:13,24; Eze 32:11
      Destruction of its power.  Eze 30:24,25
      Destruction of its cities.  Eze 30:14-18
      Destruction of its idols.  Jer 43:12,13; 46:25; Eze 30:13
      Spoil of, a reward to Babylon for services against Tyre.  Eze 29:18-20
      Captivity of its people.  Isa 20:4; Jer 46:19,24,26; Eze 30:4
      Utter desolation of, for forty years.  Eze 29:8-12; 30:12; 32:15
      Allies to share its misfortunes.  Eze 30:4,6
      The Jews who practised its idolatry to share its punishments.  Jer 44:7-28
      Terror occasioned by its fall.  Eze 32:9,10
      Ever to be a base kingdom.  Eze 29:15
      Christ to be called out of.  Ho 11:1; Mt 2:15
      Conversion of.  Isa 19:18-20
      To be numbered and blessed along with Israel.  Isa 19:23-25
      Prophetic illustration of its destruction.  Jer 43:9,10; Eze 30:21,22; 32:4-6