Bible Verses About Ephraim Tribe Of

Ephraim, Tribe Of.
    Descended from Joseph's second son adopted by Jacob  Ge 41:52; 48:5
    Predictions respecting  Ge 48:20; De 33:13-17
    Persons selected from
      To number the people.  Nu 1:10
      To spy out the land.  Nu 13:8
      To divide the land.  Nu 34:24
    Strength of, on leaving Egypt  Nu 1:32,33
    Led the third division of Israel  Nu 10:22
    Encamped west of the tabernacle  Nu 2:18
    Offering of, at the dedication  Nu 7:48-53
    Families of  Nu 26:35,36
    Strength of, on entering Canaan  Nu 26:37
    On Gerizim, said amen to blessings  De 27:12
    Bounds of its inheritance  Jos 16:5-9
    Could not drive out the Canaanites but made them tributary  Jos 16:10; Jdj 1:29
      Manasseh in taking Bethel.  Jdj 1:22-25
      Deborah and Barak against Sisera.  Jdj 5:14
      Gideon against Midian.  Jdj 7:24,25
    Remonstrated with Gideon for not calling them sooner against Midian  Jdj 8:1-3
    Quarrelled with Jephthah for not seeking their aid against Ammon  Jdj 12:1-4
    Defeated and many slain  Jdj 12:5,6
    Some of, at coronation of David  1Ch 12:30
    Officers appointed over, by David  1Ch 27:10,20
    The leading tribe of the kingdom of Israel  Isa 7:2-17; Jer 31:9,20
    Many of, joined Judah under Asa  2Ch 15:9
    Many of, joined in Hezekiah's passover and reformation  2Ch 30:18; 31:1
    The tabernacle continued a long time in Shiloh, a city of  Jos 18:1; 19:51
    One of Jeroboam's calves set up in Bethel, a city of  1Ki 12:29
    Remarkable persons of
      Joshua.  Nu 13:8; Jos 1:1
      Abdon.  Jdj 12:13-15
      Zichri.  2Ch 28:7